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Her Excellency Ms.Laila Sharaf

Laila Sharaf

Laila Sharaf is a Jordanian member of house Senate. She was born in 1940 in Beirut, Lebanon. Education: In 1965, she earned a BA and an MA of Literature from the American University of Beirut.

Work experience:
Laila Sharaf started her career in 1962 as an editor and broadcaster with Lebanon Television. In 1982, she became member of the National Consultative Council in Jordan; in 1984, minister of Information in Jordan; in 1989, senator, 11th Parliament and in 1993, senator of Jordan. She is the president of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature. In 1997, she became member of the House of Senate of Jordan and still is.Laila Sharaf is also member of Foreign Affairs Committee, member of Environment, Health & Social Development Affairs Committee.

Why was Laila Sharaf chosen to be part of Who's Who Amongst Arab Women?
Laila Sharaf was chosen because she is one of few Arab Women who managed to break through into the political field that has been dominated by males for years thus improving the status of the Arab Woman for the 21st century in the Arab region and empowering her to break through into several fields that have been exclusive for males.